Friday, October 3, 2014

Porch Envy...

As autumn blows in and the leaves turn color, our first instinct is to fold up the porch furniture, sweep off the patio and hunker down indoors in preparation for the long winter ahead. 

This October I’m in favor of re-claiming the Adirondack chairs and bringing out warm wool blankets and mugs of cider to participate in the changing of seasons…extending our porch life a few precious weeks longer.  Are you with me?!

Here are a few decorative porch ideas for INSPIRATION …

A trail of bright orange  and small white pumpkins line the front steps to the front porch…what could be more welcoming?  

White pumpkins add simplicity and sophistication.  I love the look of a blue door, sage-colored cabbage leaves and pure white pumpkins.  Perfect for an ocean-front home in a warmer climate.

Framed in a large embroidery hoop, this “wreath substitute” uses a stencil, fabric paint and burlap.  Add your family name or initial…gorgeous when combined with bright orange pumpkins scattered about.

Old black and white family photos are attached with clothespins to add charm and nostalgia to a front entry wreath.

Remove summer's faded flowers from the pots and stack pumpkins and pine cones for a festive autumn look.

Paint your front door a BOLD color that is timeless for all seasons.  This shade of Currant looks great with autumn browns and oranges but will also work with winter pine garlands, a green hydrangea wreath in Spring or Fourth of July / Americana themes for summer.