Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring has Arrived....

Ahhh…April will soon be upon us so I’m blowing the cobwebs off my blog after a long winter nap!  I’ve got so many projects in the works with my Etsy adventure and future wholesaling partnerships….completely appreciating so many things in my life these days.  My recent favorite finds?

Chickenwire Farmhouse Baskets….a throwback to days gone by!  LOVED working on these and it does appear that many others are also combining their admiration of the Farmhouse Chic Style with a little French Country basketry and rustic hopsack cloth.  I have them around the house for storage, holding quest soaps, a catch-all for my Home D├ęcor magazines and in the kitchen filled with fruit.  I even made the liners in gingham for Easter Baskets.

OK Sweetheart…it started when I first heard their amazing song “Before You Go” on the TMC Remembers 2011 montage.  I really like this group and what they have to say.  My new fav is their song “All We Have”.  Check it out on You Tube…

The words and melody are hauntingly beautiful and remind us to be happy with all that we have and appreciate life.  The video set is very cool...dripping with fabulous vintage finds that will make you smile (or swoon!).  That’s all I’ll say at the risk of ruining the surprise ending for ya  J

All Things Lavender….I found a lavender farm in the middle of Missouri and have been making scented pillows and sachets ever since.  It’s fabulous to be able to run out and pick up a pound of fresh buds locally (tho I’m not opposed to doing lavender “research” in Provence)! 

The color is lovely and the aroma so calming….Lavender Citrus Tea got me through a few cold winter evenings, not to mention the lavender lip balm…a soother and aroma-therapy all in one.  LUV that stuff. 

You can find more lavender products, local store hours, the online store, farm location and harvesting schedules here:  

(Below) French Perfume Label Sachets in calming shades of lavender.  Check out these and more sachet designs at:

 Lavender Tips and Tricks:
 Revive the scent of your old lavender sachets by squeezing the buds to release the oils.  They should last for years this way. 

Add edible buds to cookies, fudge and lemonade.    

Use lavender fire starter stems when using your fireplace to add a lovely scent to your home. 

Check out for more ideas.