Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Embrace Your Winter Blues....

January is naturally an introspective time of the year for most people.  Bears have the right idea and sleep right thru it while birds just head South. 

So for those of us bearing with the cold and snow, here are my top SEVEN tips for January blues-busting pampering...

Listen to a little Chris Botti.  When teaming up with Yo-Yo Ma on a musical selection from the movie Cinema Paradiso, it is the trifecta of soulful melancholy :

Watch Cinema Paradiso (1988) on Netflix.  I still adore this movie after nearly 3 decades.  Lessons on life and love are set against an Italian backdrop with a soundtrack that will sink into your soul and stay there.

Snuggle under a cozy chenille throw while watching above-mentioned melancholy movie.  I found this one at Pier One in a gorgeous shade of  Iced Blue.

Apply the best-lip-balm-in-the-world while snuggling under cozy throw and watching above sad movie. 

Since I started using this lip balm I have not had ONE DAY of  chapped lips.  I squirreled  them away in at least 5 or 6  flavors in my car, purse, kitchen counter, bedside, bathroom.  They are so inexpensive you can splurge.  I love that they are organic and paraben-free and come in an adorable round shape. 

After applying lip stuff while warming up under chenille throw
and watching sad movie....tame those ratty-looking nails with a coat of  Deborah Lippmann nail polish.  It's a splurge that will set you back about 20.00 (Sephora) but you'll smile every time you look down at your nails because 1. they look so professional and 2. this stuff lasts a loooong time before you need to re-polish them.

I use a light color that goes with everything...Baby Love.

Finish off your pamper party movie nite with an amazingly fast-acting, non-greasy hand cream....EUCERIN Intensive Repair.

I love this stuff because it has Alpha Hydroxy and instantly takes 10 years off your hands and makes them super-soft, smooth and moisturized.

Check out this year's 2015 HGTV Dream Home and enter to win every day until February 17th.  Discover a few decorating tips you can add to your own space and have fun thinking about who you'll invite to Martha's Vineyard after you win.  A little coastal day-dreaming helps fight the winter blues, right?!